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Procedure for Granting Students Access to Dept. Drives and Mailboxes

Students may no longer use their NetId's to access Departmental resources.The student's supervisor must request a student worker  account from ITS. To do so call the ITS help center at 486-4357 and request this student worker account. You can also go to and open a ticket. When you call have the students name and Netid handy. They will ask you how they should configure the "display name". Use this example as a guide.

Lastname, Firstname CAHNR-NRE Student Worker

ITS will notify you when the account is created. The account will be in the format NetIDwork (e.g., jab02023work). Supervisors must then call ITS and request a temporary password for the account. Supervisors will then give the password to the student (DO NOT EMAIL). These accounts expire 1 year after they are created and must be renewed each year. The student will receive emails (starting about a month before they expire) reminding them that their account is expiring and to contact the supervisor to renew the account. The supervisor will then call the help center at 486-4357 and request the account be renewed. 

Contact either Tom ( or Joe ( and let us know the new student account name and the folders or mailboxes you wish to give the student access to. We will then grant them that access.

The student will need to navigate to and logon using the newly created Student account and the temporary password. Once they are logged into the Netid page they will click on change password. The old password is the temporary password. The new password can be anything they like, as long as it complies with UConn password conventions. They then click on change password and they should see a message that says the password has been successfully changed.

To access the drives or mailboxes they must log into the computer with the student worker account and whatever password they choose to use.

If the student does not see the Departmental drive they will need to map a network drive. They should follow the instructions to map the Q drive for their Operating System found on this page.

In the event they can't access the resources they should contact either Tom at or 486-0146 or Joe at or 486-1441, and we will assist them.